Before and After Care

Before your appointment:

  • Exfoliate the skin. This means that a light scrub should be used all over the body that has texture within the wash (ex. of textures: salt, sugar, & sand). Exfoliating removes dead skin & the fresh skin layer creates an even glow that lasts.
  • DO NOT wax right before session. You must wait a day or 2 prior to appointment to give the skin a chance to recover from waxing irritation.
  • DO NOT use any deodorants, lotions, or make-up before session. These will act as a barrier to the tanning solution causing an uneven tan & or white spots. You should wait to use any of these until after first shower.
  • DO NOT wear any jewelry.
  • Wear loose dark clothing to spray tan session. The solution may transfer to clothing or fabric but will wash out. It is best to wash as soon as possible!!

After your appointment:

  • AVOID touching your skin with your hands following your spray tan or you WILL transfer some of the color. It’s not easy to remove from palms of hands!!
  • DO NOT shower, bathe, swim, or sweat excessively for eight hours.
  • AVOID luffa sponges, long showers or hot baths. These cause the skin to exfoliate. With spray tans, the top layer of the skin maintains the color hence the temporary effect.
  • Be sure to use mild soaps.
  • Always pat your skin dry after shower. Rubbing your skin may rub off your tan.
  • AVOID chlorine this will dramatically reduce your tan.
  • After first shower you are allowed to apply deodorants, lotions, & make-up.
  • MOISTURISE the skin morning and night. This will extend the life of your tan.

Follow these steps and your tan will last at least 5 days!